About me 

Hello there.

The oldest memory I have is of me holding a pencil drawing characters in my big sister's math notebooks. As a kid, I often put aside my toys and spent hours on end on top of a paper sheet drawing my own little fantasy world. The pencil was my long-time companion up until college, when I first used colors in my artworks. After a while I was introduced to 3D and then I knew that is where I want to devote all my efforts. I started learning the software on my own and in my spare time between assignments, I would work on personal projects using Maya and shortly after I decided to take everything to another level by joining NCCA's MA3D Computer Animation course at Bournemouth University and that was by far the best decision I could have taken. Now I see myself as a 3D Artist, but I also try to thrive on many fields of visual arts.

If you want to salute me, don't shy away from sending me an e-mail.
I'm quite sociable.